Beleza Shoes offers professional stylish custom dance, evening & bridal shoe selections!.
Dance. Evening. Bridal.

What We Do

The shoes we carry are suitable for street, dance, evening and bridal wear. Many of our clients have found these to be excellent shoes to work in comfortably.

We carry many styles and sizes in stock, and custom orders are also available. Any style can be ordered in your choice of heel, color, and width.

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Custom Development

What we do
All our shoes are custom designed to your prefered taste.

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What we do
The choice is yours! You choose the fabric, heel, ankle cup and over all style and we custom fit your shoe to ensure you have the best possible fit for your dance, evening or bridal wear!

The Choice is Yours!

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“I love these dance shoes! They are extremely comfortable and very stylish, something that is rare for one shoe to accomplish. Highly recommend them!”

Liorna, Vancouver, BC. View Testimonials